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Signature Programs

We expose Black boys to Black men who have turned their passions into professions. Our boys leave these sessions with a broader perspective of what is possible for their futures because they see successful Black men in these roles and hear the stories of how they made it possible

Career Exposure

We expose Black boys to college tours, starting in fifth grade, enabling them to envision themselves as students on various campuses. Local college tours occur quarterly and long distance tours occur during our annual four-day 

Spring Break College Tour trip

College Tours

Our mentors facilitate weekly social-emotional learning workshops aligned to our Self-Awareness & Leadership curriculum that builds Black boys' emotional intelligence, self-esteem, and decision making skills

Social-Emotional Learning Workshops

We model our value of brotherhood by inviting male students at our partner schools to connect, reflect, and network with other male students and mentors from their school community. 

Community Engagment

Whether a celebration for an accomplishment, yoga to recenter ourselves, a barbecue at the park, a quick game of basketball, or a trip to the beach, our bond grows stronger when we are having fun!

Black Boy Joy

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